Monday, February 25, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Flips Off Oscar Press Room After Best Actress Win

Jennifer LawrenceSeriously, at this point is there anyone who isn't completely charmed by newly minted Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence?
The Silver Linings Playbook star easily stole the night, from her arm-pumping reaction during Seth MacFarlane's monologue to herGIF-worthy expressions to her stairway tumble and, of course, her taking home the gold statuette for Best Actress.
But her most remembered move of the night just may be what happened after the cameras stopped rolling. Well, the moving cameras, anyway.
Because that's when she flipped the bird.
Why did it happen? Well, why not.

But happen it did, and when the 22-year-old made her way back to the press room after her win, she cheekily and good-naturedly gave the old one-fingered salute to a member of the crowd.

Jennifer LawrenceShe clearly realized after the fact that her flip-off was given in front of a room full of media, some of whom had, you know, cameras, and her reaction to that realization was just as priceless as any that came before.
Never change, J.Law. Never change.

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