Thursday, July 4, 2013

Maya Diab Tattoo Is Going Lady Gaga Weird

Maya Diab is a popular chick, a singer, a product promoter, and a TV hostess. She is a celebrity not non for anything in particular. But she seems to have seen a surge in popularity the past three years. She has been around for more than a decade now, but her time is now.

Her latest weirdness is a whole body tattoo done by an artist where it took him hours to do. This was a marketing stuns for makeup lines, more than 120 makeup artists took part of this show. Together they draw up/worked on more than 30 models. Maya Diab was the guest of honor as she is the sportsperson for that brand. Thanks the now infamous tattoo, the entire Arab world now knows of the brand--which I won't name here.

This is insane to see such events in the Arab world, such events are weird around the globe, they were received with mixed feedback. No wonder they chose the city of Beirut where tolerance is high as long as you can is art. Tattoo is a popular art from around the world, yet the religious communities in the Middle East and some here in the states continue to shun it.

I am happy they had the freedom to hold such bizarre show in downtown Beirut, still I think it;s weird what they are doing  

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