Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Scare?! Find Out the Truth About Kanye West's Girlfriend's Health

Kim Kardashian

No need to worry, dolls! Kim Kardashian and baby Kimye are A-OK.
The New York Post caused a scare Thursday with a report that Kanye West's girlfriend was "rushed" to a doctor Tuesday night and "feared she was having a miscarriage." But, a source close to the mom-to-be tells E! News that while Kim didvisit a doctor, things are "all fine" now.
"She's been working a lot and with the divorce, moving, etc., [she] just needs to take a little rest," adds the source, noting that Kim is on "doctor-ordered rest" for the time being.
Kim's rep had no comment. But—Bible—from us to you, Kim and baby Kimye are both resting happily and healthily.

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