Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amanda Seyfried "There Was Something So Beautiful"

Amanda Seyfried, Allure
Breasts are the best—no matter what their size!
But some of us, including Amanda Seyfried, had to learn to love our girls. In a new interview with Allure magazine, the Lovelacestar admits she used to stress about having bigger boobs.
"Actually, I saw a picture a couple of days ago from when I was 19, and my boobs were way bigger. They were a D, and now they're a small C, because I lost weight," she says. "There was something so beautiful about the size of them. When I look back, I'm like, Why did I always give myself such a hard time?"
Now, the 27-year-old actress refers to her lady lumps as "assets." She also credits portraying porn star Linda Lovelace for helping her to feel sexier in her own skin.
Amanda Seyfried, Allure"Maybe this is backwards, but because she found the power in herself and in her body at a point, it made me feel comfortable in my own skin in a way that I hadn't been," she explains. "I've got parts of me that I wish were tighter, but I don't kill myself, because it's not worth it."
Definitely not. She's got a body even The Plastics would envy!
Amanda Seyfried, Allure

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