Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cocktail Diva

party diva

So the time has come. The rest period has finished, and the social night life is bound to begin.  From going to the most upscale parties, to a casual social event at a friend’s house, every woman has one.  Pull her out ladies! The time of the little, cocktail dress is here. For many reasons, the aura of the cocktail dress matches the personalities of ladies wanting to enjoy the night, and truly be one of the many lives of the party!  And for these social divas, the perfect dress, for the perfect attitude, matched with theperfect party, leads to a PERFECT night!
For those of our Spanish roses, this Flamingo dress, gives that oh, so sassy, and exotic trend for those wanting to immerse themselves in the tango.

Our ladies in red, give a certain vibe and element, which seems to re-define a whole new approach to seeing this vibrant color. No more depicted as the temptress. Rather, elegance have taken on a new persona for women wanting to enhance their own, shall we say pizzaz!
Red cocktail dress

Oh, the perfect black dress! Coco Chanel would be proud! With its own solid foundation, just watch our ladies work the room, tapping into her own mystique!
Black cocktail dress
Pretty in Pink, they say? Huh? Well, cuteness does have its own allure! And who says that a playful nature takes away from a sexy spirit? You be the judge.
Pink cocktail dress
And oh, our wonderful white! The color of innocence.  Yet, even innocence has it’s own naughtiness.However, this time, its only bad behavior is displaying virtue, to still existing in the darkness of the night life!
White cocktail dress

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