Saturday, April 13, 2013

Girls dressed like a Man

girls-in-man-suitI have to say I think there’s just something so SEXY about a woman dressed in a man’s clothes, that it’s irresistible. The sex identity game behind it, the idea of her stealing her man’s fashion attire or simply a well mastered ‘can’t be bothered attitude‘ from her part, might make a girl appear sexier in a tuxedo than in an evening dress. Now all you girls who have never dressed in, or stole your BF’s clothes for a laid back afternoon, put your hands up. My point exactly. And since we’re all charged with the same crime, I have to ask: ‘‘What is it about dressing in a man’s clothes that we simply can’t say no to?” Could it be the feeling of empowerment? Masculine sexuality? Whatever the case… one thing is certain. You can put a woman in a cotton sack and she’ll pull it off brilliantly with hot heels on! Have you noticed that no matter what we choose to wear, if we have heels on we can make it look like a million bucks? Man trousers (which btw are really hard to pull off) slightly rolled up, man shirt (super loose) AND heels? AMAZING. Ballet pumps or sneakers? Errr… did anyone say homeless? So probably we’ve got the heels card to play, and the red lips, but honestly now… nothing beats confidence and cool sexy attitude. And a man’s suit can truly give you that. suit-style-fashion-streetsuit-look-streets-tyleManning up fashion wise is slightly different than androgynous fashion. Or maybe it seems so to me. It’s not about channeling your inner masculinity, au contraire it’s playing up your powerful feminine side. You keep up the same girly attire: bold lips, makeup, heels, jewellery and basically just slip into a tailor made man suit. Sure you can don your man’s clothes per se… just look at Leandra from TMR. Dayum girl. She rocked that look way better than her husband. OR you can slip into an infinite number of man inspired suits/shirts/trousers that fit you like a glove. If the A-listers did it on the red carpet (Anne Hathaway presented the Oscars in a tuxedo, right?) I suppose it’s a confidence boost for us mortals :) And no. Let’s not give them the clap for originality. It’s been done before. Powerful women (read Catherine Deneuve, Marlene Dietrich) were famous for donning the dapper look. When it comes to uber hotness, class, sophistication & strength you can’t beat that. Though I have to say there’s one girl who for me… represents how we all feel and look (let me be oblivious to my looks please) when in a man’s tuxedo/suit: Jourdan Dunn. Have you seen her fashion editorial? OMG. jourdan-dunn-tuxedocatherine-deneuve-in-suitMarleneDietrich-man-suitYSL-Le-smoking-lookThough I’m such a girly girl this man inspired style has really got to me, I mean since I started preparing thipost I keep dreaming of myself in a black tuxedo (think Sarah Jessica Parker in SATC or Emma Stone in a super gorgeous tuxedo she wore on Chelsea Lately). The tuxedo look may be a fantastic alternative to a cocktail dress for a posh event, but in everyday style if you want to jazz it up you can always choose a man inspired suit. Or a crispy shirt with a tie or bow-tie. The options are limitless: oversized, fitted, with or without a vest, classic British look (plaid, thick fabric), feminine twist (silky, white, bold colors), heels & lipstick (because by clashing the feminine with the masculine you get that pure sophistication). Ah… I am telling you, it’s a huge shock for me too, but I am loving this style. Here are some street style photos of girls looking dapper as ever in men inspired fashions… gilr-in-suit-street-stylegirl-in-suit-street-styleman-inspired-styleAnna-Dello-Russo-in-man-suitwomen-suit=style83rd Annual Academy Awards - Showcamilla-belle-in-tom-ford-tuxedojessica-alga-tuxedokirsten-dunst-tuxedowomen-tuxedoDo not think a woman in a man’s suit looks boring, as there are so many ways to play around with this style. Take some fashion inspo from these fashionistas: Eva-Longoria-shorts-suitman-inspired-look-bowtie-blazer-leather-leggingsgirls-in-suitsmen-style-on-womenmetallic-suit-lookshort-suit-lookStreet style in whitestreet-style-girl-in-men-clothesstreet-style-girls-with bow-tiesstreet-style-leather-suitwhite-suit-street-styleEven the super girly girls pull of this look with the best attitude ever: yes Kim Kardashian I’m talking to you! kim-kardashian-men-inspired-lookAnd one of my favorite girls out there, the petite Russian fashionista – Miroslava Duma (so need to make a star style post on her). This girl can pull off the most weird outfits with the most genuine sweetness and cute nonchalance. And the suits? Stunning. Miroslava-Duma-in-man-suitmiroslava-duma-in-suitmiroslava-duma-white-suit-ralph-laurenMan Inspired Looks from the catwalks: prabal-gurung-woman-suitwomen-tuxedo (2)women-tuxedos

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