Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence !! IS THIS KATNISS' B**CH FACE?

What is Jennifer Lawrence's Hunger Games: Catching Firecharacter Katniss Everdeen really thinking in this newly released still?
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
In the beginning of Catching Fire, Katniss returns from her big win at post-apocalyptic nation Panem's annual death match. She managed to outrun burly boys and girls aiming to put a sword through her skull, avoid killing anyone in the process (mostly), and come out the victor — all while pissing off the higher ups for letting her District 12 teammate Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) live. Quite the ordeal. Must feel good to come home and hug her sister Primrose (Willow Shields).
But dig a bit deeper into this intimate moment. Remember: Prim's name was originally called for the 74th Annual Hunger Games. In an unprecedented move, Katniss willingly substituted herself for her younger sister. It was basically a death sentence, the chances of Katniss returning home alive being slim to none. If Prim had been sent off to the Hunger Games, she would likely have gone the way of Rue (the little girl in the first movie who kicked the bucket). Prim should be thanking her lucky stars.
But she's not! Prim is basically falling asleep on Katniss' shoulder. So while it's easy to read this as a warm, loving embrace between two sisters, you can imagine that older sister Katniss might be a little irked by li'l Prim's attitude. She should be bowing at her feet, not acting casual. Show a little appreciation, Prim!
If Katniss was the kind of gal who wore emotions on her sleeve, her reaction here might have been a full on bitch face. Instead, it's a bit more of a poker face, internalizing the everlasting struggle between siblings while making nice for the photo op.
So is this just the sweetest picture ever or is anyone else sensing a bit of resentment between Katniss and her unscathed little sis? Project your own sibling rivalries on to the latest look at Catching Fire in the comments.

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