Saturday, April 27, 2013

Most Hated Beauty Chores

Most Hated Beauty Chores
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Meandering through your personal jungle/maze of Ikea furniture and dirty socks with a vacuum may not be your idea of Sunday Funday, but for most women, the list of chores isn’t confined to the domestic sphere.  Translation: beauty chores.  We’re talking plucking rogue hairs that make you look like Bert’s long lost sister, or moisturizing your body after showering to ensure that you’re not booking  your first Botox appointment by the ripe age of 32.
So, which beauty chores do women dislike and how much time do we dedicate to preening and grooming over a lifetime? British beauty brand Escentual took a poll, and the survey says???
Women hate, hate shaving their legs, and this necessary evil will take up 72 days of their lives. That’s 4 minutes, 6 times a week, or 21 hours every year.
Other chores that made the list? Styling hair (294 days a lifetime), plucking eyebrows (30 days), removing makeup (52 days), and dying hair (23 days).
There were a couple of chores that surprised us.  For example, painting nails (20 days) and pedicures (11 days) also made the cut.
What’s your most detested beauty chore?

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