Thursday, April 11, 2013

Marc Jacobs' New Honey

MARC JACOBS is launching a brand new fragrance, Honey, this summer. Joining existing scents Daisy, Dot and Lola, the bottle is a reimagining of Jacobs' Dot design - with striped bee-like butterflies in the place of Dot's spotted ladybirds.

A sweet, floral scent with notes of green pear, mandarin, honeysuckle, peach, vanilla and - of course - honey, the new fragrance was created with perfume house Firmenich. A release from the fragrance's manufacturer Coty describes Honey as "the height of irresistible charm", thanks to its playful design and summery scent.

Honey will be available from this summer as an eau de parfum, shower gel and body lotion. The ad campaign will feature a hero shot of the bottle, rather than a celebrity or model face.

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