Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fashion Bedroom

I know i don't usually 'do' inspiration posts and trust me you're never going to find a picture of a 'model' in leather trousers with her boobs out that you can look at and ponder whether she's anorexic or 'naturally skinny' on this blog but i do genuinely peruse the internet for inspiration for outfits and particularly interiors. I absolutely love looking at houses and spend a good amount of time doing so and hand in hand with that comes a love of interiors. The first 'career' i ever claimed to aspire to was an interior designer [along with all the other young Changing Rooms viewers of my generation] and i think part of that has stayed with me, although the eye and skill has never quite come up to scratch. I live in a converted Victorian Townhouse and love that style, i can safely say you'll never find me living in a modern house but i love clean and fresh decor inside that's still gives a nod to the exterior of the building. I'm in a bit of a rutt with my bedroom at the moment so have gathered together some photos of stuff i'm loving. Not going to say i'm totally 'in to' the shabby chic look but as you can see i like bits of it but with a slightly smarter twist.

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