Saturday, April 13, 2013

Diamonds of an urban jungle

The Baguera concept arose while Branca Cuvier was living in Amsterdam and decided to return to Lisbon. Within her luggage, the young conceptual designer brought along a dream. As aim, an easy and fun brand, always excelling the aesthetic endowment and material quality. Baguera in all its forms was born on January 1, 2011.
Inspired by the fusion of organic and geometric, it is through jewelery and accessories that the designer’s imagination takes form, exposing her talent to the eyes of any woman who’s looking to complement any outfit with outrageously wearable pieces. With the present idea of a modern, practical and independent woman, Baguera was created to serve the contemporary expectations of a classy shopper. A tasteful fashion statement, which doesn’t go unnoticed in this grey urban jungle. The protagonist material of these distinct creations is acrylic and every piece is hand-made by the designer.
But in the end, who is Branca Cuvier behind the creator, as an artist and as a woman?
The contemporaneous artist considers herself as a discrete person, an incurable dreamer, ambitious and hopelessly creative. To manage her overflowing creativity, Branca managed to divide the artist within her in two distinguished concepts: Baguera and Branca Cuvier.
As a matter of curiosity, Branca Cuvier, not as wearable as Baguera, is a body sculpture work, which enhances a conceptual character. Unique pieces, worked under a designated theme, result into an intense, complex work – see her work here.
Branca feels in constant metamorphoses. And as so, she is not able to limit her style to a simple statement or definition. She can, however, say that what she likes, and needs, the most is to feel comfortable and to have, at least, a piece which stands out, being it usually jewelry, a nice pair of shoes or a unique coat.


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