Saturday, April 13, 2013

Maria Barros Madrid Fashion Week S/S 2013

Sensuous silhouettes, precious fabrics and alluring earth tones characterize the collection signed Maria Barros, showcased during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2012. The Mozambique-born fashion designer is actually a well-rounded artist, having been first a highly-acclaimed interior designer and writer. Characterizing herself as a passionate world explorer, hopeless dreamer and grateful mother of two, Maria allows these other pursuits of hers to beautifully transcend her work in the realm of fashion. There is a certain feel of adventure and a twist of magic in her creations, making them hard to forget. The overall feel of the collection was one of royal, perfectly polished beauty.
The show was centered on a powerful, hypnotic woman, displaying an utterly refined exotic elegance. The cuts of the garments were kept simple and sleek, following harmoniously the curves of the female body by embellishing the hourglass figure. Flattering high-waist, mid-length skirts were paired up with tank tops exhibiting all sorts of appliqués: from intricate flowers and bows, to oversized crepe shoulders. The neckline was one of the key focus points of the collection as the designer toyed quite a lot with this feature, creating a new, exciting shape for each single outfit. The common thread was the emphasis put on a subtle and very feminine décolleté. Maxi dresses and revived harem pants added a luxurious note to the collection. The last few pieces were jaw-dropping evening gowns which would make even Cinderella blush. Not a single outfit can be deemed as simple despite the clean lines of the items. This collection is proof that less is more.
A delicate palette of neutral colors and earth tones was brightened up by a splash of rose and soft burgundy- an excellent choice given the almost exclusive use of silk. Silk and wool were combined wonderfully in order to enhance the movement and fluidity of the pieces, complementing each other at the same time. As for the accessories, we witnessed a restricted variety, but styled strategically such that the effect would be maximized. Bold jewelry in the form of statement necklaces and oversized hand cuffs added just the right amount of shine and glitz.


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