Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anna October 2013

Anna October Kiev FW 2013

There might be no better way to waltz into the fall season than wearing garments signed by a fashion designer whose last name reads October.
Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, notable for showcasing innovative and unconventional design, sees the return of young Ukranian designer Anna October, whose family name was given to her grandfather after the Great October Revolution and who might as well be carrying a subversive streak that ripples through her work. 
The Fall 2013 collection is sober, yet not austere. Classic femininity and elegance triumph with the leading thread of A-line shaped skirts and very marked high waists reminiscent of the classic Dior and 40's inspired dresses.
Shoes are rigorously pointed, and hair is strictly parted. Under-knee cuts and contained necklines add to an impression of strictness, along with with a dominating succession of black solemn outfits, but the show’s denouement conveys the final impression that was hinted by the occasional metallic glares, satin or glittery stripes of the opening pieces.
Ballroom dancing revisited, winter holidays parties and disco appear to be the ideal habitat of these finely tailored quality ensembles. Beyond the classic inspiration, the collection is very contemporary and culminates in lurex embroidered bronze, coral and blue silk, geometrically striped dresses which are the hit pieces. What they do is to perfectly embody the vision of timeless elegance and modern spirit behind the Anna October brand, bound to leave a mark in the collective mindshare.

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