Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sorry, Justin Bieber: PSY's "Gentleman" Smashes One-Day YouTube Record

PSY can breathe a sigh of relief: He's no longer a one-hit wonder.
The South Korean rapper's music video for "Gentleman" only hit the web three days ago, but his follow-up single to the 2012 worldwide smash "Gangnam Style" has already topped 94 million YouTube views!
To give you an idea just how popular the K Pop star continues to be, according to Billboard, "Gentleman" racked up 18.9 million views alone on the first day of its release on Saturday. That surpasses the 10.6 million mark teen idol Justin Bieber set in the first 24 hours with his hit, "Beauty and the Beat," featuring Nicki Minaj, last October and the 8 million views he garnered for "Boyfriend."

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