Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper !! New Film (Finally!) Gets a Title

Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper
Director David O. Russell is ready to hustle.
The Oscar-nominated helmer has been teasing us with a string of hair-raising photosof his two Silver Linings Playbook stars,Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, as they reunite on the Boston-area set of his new period flick, which chronicles the notorious Abscam political scandal of the 1970s.
But the biggest tease of all was the film's title—as in, there wasn't one.
Until now.
According to Box Office Mojo, Russell has decided to name his film—cue that drum roll—American Hustle.
The film also stars Christian Bale as a former conman turned FBI agent, as well as Jeremy Renner, who slips into some nifty retro threads.

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