Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Outfit Inspiration 2013 For Girl

I'm a huge fan of putting together Polyvore style sets of outfits on Photoshop- there's something so satisfying about seeing an outfit all laid out together, not to mention the fact that you feel your wardrobe is the entire internet. You might remember i put together some Autumn Style Outfit Suggestions last year for Moneysupermarket's competition and it really helped me with my Autumn style, so when i saw Travelsupermarket were doing a similar challenge i thought i'd give it a bash too!
My first thoughts for the 'Clubbing in Ibiza' outfit involved a lot of high waisted shorts, crop tops and neon but then i suddenly realised i'm not 17 and my 'high school girls holiday' was ridiculously almost 7 years ago. In my (slightly) more mature years, Ibiza to me is now more about beautiful sunsets, chilled out bars and glamour than foam parties and getting spew on your flipflops so i decided to go for this slightly more sophisticated outfit. The pelmet skirt to me is perfect Ibiza- a little bit of glamour with a very cool aztec pattern and light colour pallet. I then paired it with a more sophisticated nod to the neon trend and some on trend edgy accessories to keep it stylish and clean. Not to be worn with face paint.

I spent a few weeks in New York and America's East Coast just before my 18th birthday and as a frequent barer, clubber and general drinker back home at the time, i was totally gutted not to be able to experience the real bright lights of the city that all the late 90s sitcoms had presented to me so beautifully. It's now firmly back on my list of 'to visits' and i'd be straight to the nearest bar. I actually hate the UK notion of 'going for cocktails' as it's all a bit faux-girly-fun, but in New York it's a different story. I imagine jugs of Sex on the Beach (with a straw) swapped for sophisticated concoctions made with beautiful spirits in the chicest of settings. This all calls for one thing- a LWD (little white dress.) A dangerous thing in the wrong hands, ive started to see white dresses as great chic, stylish alternatives to the overdone LBD. I've mixed it with some bright pops of colour, classic clean shapes and on trend accessories.

I'm probably one of the most uncomfortable people ever. I can't be doing with sore feet, itchy cardigans and coats that make you too warm and it's never worse than when shopping. With that in mind, i've gone for the most comfortable of options for the London Shopping outfit. I'm far from 'street' and im far from a Londoner but i decided to go for a simple take on the ever cool style with basic tee and jeans paired with this season's oversized denim jacket, Nike Blazers and chunky chain. I also added a 'big enough for shopping but not big enough to knock people over in Primark' bag and one of my favourite Mac Lipsticks to girly up the more masculine outfit.

Without hesitation, 'Sightseeing in Paris' to me equalled pastels. A trip to the romantic city just wouldn't be the same without some muted whimsical hues. I started with the latest Joni Jean offering- the perfect Summer vintage wash and paired it with this oversized slouchy lace style tee for an easy and comfortable base. I then added this mint boucle jacket which you'd never guess was from Primark because Paris always has to involve boucle and a nod to Coco, it's also just enough of a cover up for cooler Spring days but comfortable enough to allow you to freely skip around the City. Flats are also a necessity to keep comfy on the move so i opted for this gorgeous Zara pair for yet more girly chic. Topped off with the perfect sized bag for all the day's necessities, a statement necklace to remind everyone you're not quite ready for pearls, nude nails and a slick of a wearable day lipstick you're good to go.
To me Summer Holidays and in particular Thailand, has to involve some boho glamour. This high waisted bikini is perfectly on trend and enough to keep you feeling demure and comfy throughout the day while the Kaftan is statement enough on its own to wear from day to night and will make you stand out in a sea of denim shorts. Some dainty statement jewellery gives a more chic version of those beach friendship bracelets while a sturdy bag and shoes are practical but still on trend. All finished off with some neon orange nails and toes to match your body paint- obviously.
So there are my outfits! Sadly all it's done is made me want to go to each of these places! What do you think? Will you be entering the competition?

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