Saturday, April 13, 2013

Alon Livné

Alon Livné

One of the most successful and notable Israeli fashion designers, Alon Livné, has been showing his striking independent collections for the past eight seasons. Soon after he began to showcase his regular seasonal proposals, he won first prize in the Israeli version of ''Project Runway'', which served as an addition to his pedigree and paved the way for his serious and precise approach to design.
Bearing in mind that Livné cut his teeth at Alexander McQueen in London and started working in the Eveningwear and Couture department of Roberto Cavalli at the age of twenty-two, it's no wonder that his clothes feature the couture-like details and handwork. Furthermore, his experience at this Italian fashion house, which included making the bespoke luxurious orders for celebrities and custom commissions for international royals, set standards and high expectations from this young fashion visionary.
One of his most important line-ups was the one named ''Diamond'' - a capsule collection for Castro, an Israel-based fashion company. The attractive evening-wear didn't stay behind that ''sparkling'' name and this collaboration led Livné to another successful one. Namely, the designer teamed up with denim label LEE in 2012 and this creative clash culminated in an artistic collection called ''Art Ballet'', which was centered around the contrast between the sensual feminine silhouettes and the power of the immortal denim.
During the last New York fashion week, the designer presented his fall/winter 2013 line-up inspired by J.G. Ballard's novel ''The Crystal World''. The geometric necklines and cut-outs dominated on mainly sheer black materials, while the choice of garments was ranging from the gentle gowns to the fashion-forward constructions.
Alon Livné's store is located in Tel Aviv and its contents eventually became a source of inspiration for international stylists, editors and fashionistas. That being said, not only that he fulfills the commercial demands of the fashion market, but his unique clothing is rather strong influence on the other artists from the same industry, such as creators of magazine editorials.

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